Check out the update from Holman member Laura Wise on her Life in Mission in the Philippines!

Hello Family and Friends, and Greetings from the Philippines!

It’s almost November, my how time flies! So much has happened since my last newsletter in late May. I will keep this update short, sweet and the point… with lots of pictures 🙂

July was a great month here in Davao. I started my long-term immersion with a community of banana plantation workers in Compostela Valley to learn about the issues they face. I stayed a total of 2 months. I spent my time accompanying the local union organizer, and stayed with various host families.

I really leaned about the struggle of the people in rural communities here in the Philippines and their continuing fight for gainful and respectful employment.

I have an adopted family there in ComVal, and I will never forget their hospitably and happy spirits despite their financial situation. I wrote an article about my experience in more detail here, check it out!

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You can also watch Laura’s sermon for Women’s Day at Cathedral United Methodist Church in Davao, Philippines on October 13, 2013.