Check out this article from Laura K. Wise, mission intern from Holman, who served the past 18 months in the Philippines!  Laura will be back to join us  in worship on Sunday, February 23rd at 8 am with special guest preacher, Rev. Judy Chung, Associate General Secretary from the General Board of Global Ministries!


Mission Looks Different: Mission Intern Class of 2012 at Mid-Terms

By Laura Wise*

Mission Intern April English (center in orange) with youth at the El Centro Juvenil Sebastopol in Montevideo, Uruguay.

If you ask the young adult missionaries from the 2012 mission intern class how they are feeling right now, the collective answer is probably, “I’m not sure.”

For 18 months, they have been serving in different communities around the world, using their faith to propel their work for justice on behalf of the church. Now they are preparing for a year and a half of service in their domestic placement sites. For 12 full days they have been knee deep in mid-term training activities at Stony Point Center in Stony Point, N.Y. There, the staff of Global Ministries helps them process their international experience while preparing for the transition to their domestic assignment.

There are many different feelings in the air. The conversation has taken winding turns from gut-busting laugher, to holding back tears. Mission looks different in action than these young adults imagined it would two years ago, as they were applying for the new Global Mission Fellows program. The scheduled sessions have been an amazing space to discuss the mission experience, but the real magic has happened organically; over lunch, during coffee breaks, or late nights in someone’s room.

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