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October 9, 2014 the JFTS Ministry was awesome!  We celebrated Latin0/Hispanic Heritage Month with Rev. Rey Guerera from Inglewood First UMC who gave a great inspirational message.  Rev. Guerera was surprised and excited that a few people from his congregation attended this service.  Rev Guevera is very personal and he expressed how welcomed he felt in being at Holman and how everyone received him with open arms.  The Holman Quartet raised the roof once again in playing inspirational Gospel Jazz and celebration in playing Salsa Music, jazz and gospel.  There were several people who stayed to assist in cleaning up but were enjoying the music so much from our own Holman Quartet.  Our menu was a traditional Tamale Pie as well as  tortia soup (a meal within itself with vegetables and chicken).  We thank Sandi Hardy along with Sharon Jackson and Muriel Parker from hospitality with their servers.  Thanks to  Our Spoken Word read by Helen Harris,  and Cliff Parker.  We especially thank the Holman Quartet for their fabulous renditions of the Latin Gospel Jazz music.

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October 23rd, was Recovery Night at Jazz for the Soul with Elder Ron Simmons; co-founder/CEO of Free N One as our guest speaker.   This night also launched Holman’s Recovery Ministry to be facilitated by Kenneth Gary.  Elder Simmons authored the book Recovery Tower, which was available for sale and to be signed throughout the night.  Elder Simmons first presented a skit with the “Free N One Ensemble” about a person on drugs and the person who enabled him more to stay on drugs was a close relative (Mother).  Within the skit the person would seek out God’s help but when he would go towards God his enabler would say “Come home baby, I will give you a home and money, don’t worry…”  Not until the person broke away from the enabler, did he receive the assistance he required and stay in the Word of God.  The skit was very poignant.  Elder Simmons added additional information regarding the skit in which he advised that God directed him to tell his story thus “Recovery Tower”.  In attendance were friends from Elder Simmons’ congregation and members from the community.  Again, the Holman Quartet raised the roof of L.L. White Hall an additional inch.  Also spoken word was shared by Cliff Parker, Wendi Scott and special appreciation to Helen Harris for her original work “Calm Down”.  Our meal for this service was BBQ chicken, rice pilaf, pasta salad, green salad, bread with pound cake for dessert prepared by Sandi Hardy with assistance from Muriel Parker and servers from hospitality servers.

For those who have not come to the Jazz for the Soul Worship Experience, you are missing a grand worship service with fabulous music.  You should place on your calendar to worship with us!

The JFTS Worship Experience is every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.  You are invited to the next Jazz for the Soul Worship Experiences on Thursday, November 13th, Thursday, December 11th with the Kid City Jazz Band from First UMC Los Angeles and New Year’s Eve Worship on Wednesday, December 31st!

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