Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

(Formerly CLUE California)

and Los Angeles Filipino American

United Church of Christ



Mandela’s South Africa: Race, Politics and Immigration Now in America

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2015 6:00 P.M.

We invite you to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s Release

from Prison. Join us for a conversation on Race, Politics and Immigration with

South Africans who now reside in America. They will discuss their experiences both in

their home country and the United States.

As we enter a new year, we do so in a time of constant awareness of race and immigration.

While in this time, let us reflect on the teachings and legacy of President Mandela and

bring with us ideas and strategies to achieve justice.

We are honored to present Mr. Clive Hoffman, a Jew, Professor Movindri Reddy, a South

Asian, Pastor Kelvin Sauls, a Black, and Pastor Rudolph van Graan, an Afrikaner. The

panel discussion will be moderated by the Rev. Dan Romero, an immigration attorney and

former Conference Minister of the Southern California Nevada Conference of the United

Church of Christ. We hope you will join us:

Los Angeles Filipino American United Church of Christ

5080 N. Maywood Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90041 (Eagle Rock)