13912547_10154439021509487_4623736929214097577_nCH Brenda Threatt is a California native who was born and raised in South Los Angeles in the Watts Community.  Her primary education was in Catholic Schools in South Los Angeles.  She earned a degree in Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles and then a Master of Divinity from the San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Her ministerial career began in 1997, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Cecil L. “Chip” Murray.  As a member of Rev. Cecil Murray’s Ministerial Staff, Rev. Threatt was responsible for the programs and projects of the 17,000 member church.  She wrote numerous grants that benefitted the youth department, the homeless ministry, the food pantry and health of the mega church and the surrounding community. Rev. Threatt was the coordinator of the church’s annual Angel City Christmas providing toys, turkeys and clothing for 3,000 families.

In 2008, Rev. Threatt was recruited to work for the Office of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as the South Los Angeles Area Director and the Veterans’ Outreach Coordinator where she was responsible for veteran outreach and services, public safety projects, education outreach, constituent services, economic development, community development and a myriad of projects and events.

Rev. Threatt’s patriotic passions were expressed in 2001.  In response to the 9-11 crisis that rocked the core of every American, she designed a California 9-11 license plate which memorializes the lives of the victims who perished September 11, 2001.  The plate was approved by Governor Davis; confirmed by the California State Assembly, the Highway Patrol and the Department of Motor Vehicles and the 911 plate became a reality in 2002 – a plate with the American flag and clouds in the background of the text.  These plates can be seen on many California vehicles and the proceeds benefit 911 victims and contribute funds for California’s security. This plate has more money than any other personalized plate, and has raised millions of dollars in funding to support the families of the victims and funding for anti-terrorism. Rev. Threatt was awarded a special plate for her vehicle which reads, ‘MYIDYA” for her idea.

In 2008, Rev. Threatt focused her ministry on serving veterans and visiting wounded warriors.  Upon learning that she could better serve if she were to become part of the military, she joined the California State Military Reserve as a chaplain.  She was a commissioned officer and is currently Captain serving as a military chaplain in the California Guard as the Southern Regional Command Chaplain at Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training base. Her duties include advising the Commander on religious matters, providing religious support, deployment support, chapel services, marriage and family counseling and support for chronically homeless veterans at the VALBMC.

CH Threatt is currently the Executive Director for U.S.VETS—Long Beach, and is responsible for 12 programs providing daily housing and services for over 550 veterans.  She is a member of the Female Veterans’ Collaborative advocating for policy and support for female veterans and all veterans.

Before coming to U.S.VETS, Rev. Threatt served as the shelter system manager with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, overseeing the 14 winter shelters including 3 National Guard Armories, housing 14,700 persons countywide.  She facilitated services and shelter for homeless veterans and other homeless individuals.  Previously, she was director of veteran outreach, acting as sole liaison to the veteran community for the City of Los Angeles, during Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s Administration.

CH Threatt is the proud mother of two, Zachary and Sarah