Our Purpose

The Beyond the Battlefield Initiative is a collaboration between the Holman Community Development Corporation and Holman United Methodist Church.  As a people committed to peace and non-violent resistance, we cannot deny the human toll of war.  When we call for an end to war, it is our responsibility to care for the individuals and families affected by war.

The purpose of this missional initiative is to affirm the dignity and restore the humanity of women veterans and facilitate right-relationships for military families.  We do not aim to justify war as a means to peace and/or justice, nor to promote blind patriotism, but through this comprehensive missional initiative we aim to discern creative, innovative, effective and restorative strategies in ministry with women veterans and their families.

News & Updates

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Past Events

Beyond the Battlefield / Jazz for the Soul: Honoring Women Veterans from Holman UMC Media.

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Contact Us

For further information, volunteer opportunities or if you are a woman veteran in search of resources, contact us by e-mail at holmancdc@holmanumc.com.