It’s hard to believe we’re only 19 days into the Trump Administration. In just a couple of weeks, he has managed to wreak havoc on so many fronts, attacking people and communities of color, our relationships with other nations, national security, and our judiciary system.

So many people have approached me– at house meetings, in grocery stores, on planes — expressing their terror at what Trump can potentially do to our country. People ask regularly What’s the strategy? What do we do? Well it’s time for us to answer those questions together by challenging the fear, anger and concern into determination and commitment to resist his agenda and prepare to fight back.

Please consider attending one of the town halls we are holding to kick off an organizing strategy that focuses on the next election. Come ready to join the movement.


Organizing for Resistance Town Halls

Saturday, February 18 | 10am – Noon

Holman United Methodist Church

3320 W. Adams Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90018


Sunday, February 19 | 10am – Noon

IMAN Cultural Center

3376 Motor Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90034


Please RSVP to the town halls by visiting:


Hear an update from Washington DC, listen to a panel of community activists and organizations leading the fight against the Trump agenda. Get connected to Sea Change, a political action committee that will begin voter registration and education to turn local RED seats BLUE.

Friend, we are at an important moment in history that’s going to require all of us to stand up for our values and take action. If you’re ready to join us, sign up for one of the town hall meetings and we’ll provide you with the tools and support you need to resist. Will I see you there?


In solidarity,



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