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Accident/Incident Report Policy


This policy applies to any and all Holman United Methodist Church (HUMC) related incidents and close-calls that affect HUMC staff, members, and visitors.

It is important that a formalized mechanism for handling reportable incidents be established in an effort to ensure proper management of incidents, determine any potential legal liability, and to ensure the safety and security for all, while on the HUMC campus. This will be done by identifying problem areas in an effort to prevent the occurrence of future incidents. It is also done to document threatening incidents so that potential safety hazards can be addressed by the implementation of corrective actions when necessary.

This policy applies to significant incidents on the campus as well as close-calls or unusual occurrences that could have been an incident.

To facilitate this process, Incident Report forms will be available in the Lawson and Education Buildings. A PDF copy of the Accident/Incident Report form will also be available on the HUMC website. The PDF copy can be downloaded and emailed, faxed, or mailed to the Church.


In the event of an incident or personal injury on the HUMC campus, immediately report the incident to security, staff, or an administrator. An Accident/Incident Report should also be completed for written documentation of the event.

Examples of incidents that should be reported include:

  1. Any threat of harm and/or injury to staff, members, or visitors on the HUMC campus.
  2. Any motor vehicle accident/incident on the campus. (It should be noted that HUMC is not responsible for accidents/incidents to personal vehicles on the campus. However, an Accident/Incident Report should be completed so that it can be logged).
  3. Any instance of property damage, theft, or mysterious disappearance.

If there is no one available to report the incident to, complete an Accident/Incident Report and place it in the blue Accident/Incident Report box.

Instructions for completing Accident/Incident Report:

  1. Complete the whole form. It is better to have more information than is needed.
  2. Please include the name of those involved in the incident. If you don’t know the names of individuals it is okay to give a description: sex, approximate age, and any other identifying information.

Prevention is the purpose of an investigation. It is the job of HUMC Operations Manager, Security Supervisor and the Safety & Security Taskforce to:

  • determine what actually happened,
  • determine the cause(s) of the incident,
  • identify any unsafe conditions, acts or procedures, and
  • help to identify practical corrective actions.

The purpose of these activities is not to find fault or lay blame, but to identify the basic causes of incidents so that controls can be put in place to prevent further occurrences.